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October 11, 2007


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My daughter loves papayas! She would eat them every day if she could!


There's just something about this fruit! I'm actually trying to think of someone who has told me they don't like papaya and I can't think of one! I knew they were good for you because they're a fruit, I knew they were good for help with constipation, but I didn't realize all the other assistance they offer! Sheesh! I think I gotta go buy more. Need to try out some of these recipes. I know we have a lot of Filipino cuisine over here that uses a lot of green papaya. Time to experiment! Thanks for this, Cheryl!


Who is this Sheila B person? ;-)


Kailani, that's wonderful that your daughter loves something you know is good for her.
Evelyn, I used to love the green papaya salad at Keo's Thai Food in Honolulu.
Sheila, You are the Best!



Cheryl - the papaya really was fantastic! We can't get papaya here that even comes close to tasting as good.


Thank you Sheila, I am glad that you and your family enjoyed the papaya:)

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