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May 15, 2007


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I tottaly agree, when you try the real deal... there is no turning back;)


I'm glad to hear about this. It seems a little

decietful to have been able to label coffee as

Kona coffee when it only had 10% Kona in it.


Kona coffee is a great product and the farmers deserve to have everyone's support!


Hawaii's isolation and lush growing season make it near impossible to grow a profitable agricultural product.

As for isolation: shipping costs inflate monthly because of rising fuel costs. This is a direct hit to the bottom line.

As for lush growing season: yes, everything grows here! However, that's the problem. Everything grows here! Weeds and other plants do their best to move into the soil you've prepared and fertilized so carefully. Growing in the desert is actually much more economical: no other plants are going to spring up in your desert, and your only expense is water and fertilizer.

These are the main reasons Hawaii no longer provides the world with pineapple or sugar cane.

The only thing left is niche markets, like coffee, noni, and so on. Coffee grown on the Kona coast is exceptional, but it costs a LOT to grow and ship. If the growers couldn't sell at such a premium, because of their quality, they couldn't grow at all.

Ten percent Kona blends are good business. They price the coffee down to something people are more willing to pay for, and the seller gets to claim "Kona" on the package. However, it's not good for anyone BUT the middleman. The growers lose out (and that can mean having to give up growing at all) and the buyers are not getting REAL Kona coffee. There is definitely a difference! :)

Real Kona coffee costs about $15 per pound to produce, and sells for about $17 per pound in the stores. I mean, approximately. It is WORTH that price, and if the growers can't get that price, we won't have Kona coffee, just like we no longer have Dole pineapples or CH pure cane sugar.

For those who care about coffee.. as DB says, please read the label! 100% Kona coffee will reward you like none other, and anything less hurts the industry.



P.S. Wow, I typed a novel, sorry! :)

-- Steph


Don't be sorry Steph, insightful and intelligent comments are always welcome! Keep those comments coming!!

Geli R.

i tried all 100% kona from hawaii and it was bitter and nasty. i'll stick to my colombian junk.

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