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May 15, 2007


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I vote for cute! A friend of ours who works in pig control in the Park is getting us the next baby he catches, which we'll raise for dog meat.

Aloha and thanks for the reminder to come check you out. :)

Sarah Hair


We always loved it when living in Orchidland and the pigs would visit. Our pitbull would go crazy and bark and run out to 'get' them. The pigs would just glance over at her and snort as if laughing at how naive she was being. It was always an adventure.


In the early 80's, when we relocated our banana farm from Kapoho to Shipman at Kea'au there were few wild pig sightings in our banana fields. When we saw pig tracks we would stand around and speculate about size, direction of travel, numbers, etc. As time went on, the numbers sighted went up steadily. And, we would only stop to look at unusually large tracks. This population increase seemed to occur all over the East side of the Big Island--I have no knowledge of the West side. In the last 10 years, pig sightings happen everywhere. Why? I don't know.


Mahalo everyone for sharing your pig stories so far! Someone told me when there is a drought -- like the one we are in right now -- the pigs travel further down the mountain to look for food. I don't know if that is true but it seems to make sense.

hog roast

This pig island is awesome. I will see it again.
hog roast


Pigs till soil. Tilled soil is available for erosion. During a significant rain event, like one in 2007, that tilled soil can end up on the ocean. That is what happened in 2007, suffocated a half mile of reef at the Place of Refuge. Long life the pig and damn the ocean!

Thomas Jordan

Collided with one on Hwy 32 near Pahoa. Rental car sustained considerable damage and air bags deployed. Could not find the little bugger as it was 11 p.m., pitch dark, and apparently he was not fatally harmed. So my take is "note cute".

Marina Rathman

I live in Volcano and the feral pig population has almost ended my economic survival. I live on 2 acres surrounded by the rainforest. My acreage is covered in grass that has been rototilled by huge boars that come to grub for worms. Once they establish themselves they will continue to come and destroy your property. If we kill 70% of the wild pigs, we are only stabilizing the population. My property is backed up to 40 acres of state land and I do not grow avocados, fruit trees or macadamia nuts. They come for one reason only. The worms underneath the soil. A very difficult situation, with few options available.

Maile Rose

Mahalo for your comment... as I am trying to learn about this problem, Marina Rathman. I wish you the very best is your path forward!

Sue Cross

They love my avocados that fall occasionally and dig up lots of my yard, which even makes it hard to mow. Using a tip I was told, I started peeing in a bucket and pouring it along my property line, and it seems to work!

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