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June 02, 2007


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My GOD. My grandparents have a noni tree in their backyard, and when the fruits are ripe, they know it, I know it, and the poor neighbors know it. And of course, there's Grandpa squeezing away, completely immune to the malodorousness that is fresh noni. I do not care how healthy it is, I simply refuse to drink what looks like vomit ghee. Those of you who do...knock yourselves out. Good for you.


Since I make my living in noni production, I can agree 100% that fresh juice is far better than aged or fermented. Last month, I was trained by an ag inspector from Costa Rica in certifying organic farms, so I got to visit 10-12 Big Island noni farms. It's fascinating!

Personally, I have no sense of smell. None. As in, I could be blind or deaf but instead I can't smell anything. Apparently, that makes me a perfect candidate to work closely with noni fruit! :)

Aloha oe


Noni Juice seems to be suffering from contamination with bacteria and is being quarantined like never before. A full expose with pictures of the quarantine area can be found here.



I took a look at your link and it was for fermented Tahitian Noni, I am not surprised! We represent fresh organic Hawaiian Noni. Please take a look at the process for "How Tru Noni is Made" using my link above.

After the fruit juice is shipped in refrigerated containers to their USDA certified facility, it is analyzed and tested for purity, then flash-pasteurized to kill any remaining bacteria before being put into sterilized glass bottles. The conditions of the facility also look very sanitary.

Magdalene Mwangi

Nice information, thanks for sharing

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