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July 26, 2007


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Thank you so much for bringing up about the secret meaning of Hawaiian flowers it is a good information.

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Thank you for this wonderful explanation and interpretation

Paul Nugent

If she wears a flower behind both ears it means she is taken but is open to alternative offers!

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This is fantastic, so many people think this has no significant at all, it's good to know. This is similar to Indians with mole between their eyes.

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Use a flower and a smile on your face best to way to look smart.

hi  that not fare

hi.........i like flowers!!!!!


Thank you for the tip to remember which ear, make so much sense. Thai loves to wear the flower near the ear as well.

Asif Kemal Pasha

No matter what in Hawaii I will always wear it behind my right ear till the time my wife finds the secret :)

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this is nice and really beautiful

Elmer Jackson

It is clear what was said about the meaning of flowers over a woman's ear but I have also heard that if a woman has flowers over both ears it mean she has a man but is looking for another. A

King Kevin Dorival

I never thought about the symbolizing of the flowers behind the ears but I love the tradition. I wonder what year did it start? I wrote an awesome relationship and history book entitled, “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire," that discusses various traditions and relationship goals. You'll find a few things about Haiwaan women and marriages in there. http://www.7queens7kings.com


So sweet

Cathy Viviano

Saw it on an episode of the jeffersons where Florence explained to Louise the flower behind the ear theory
Hee hee


I was told that it also has another meaning. It can actually mean that they have sexual relationships with there own family members. Cousins and uncles for the most part.

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A newly information to how to wear Hawaiian Flower.
Interesting Information. Its really looking awesome and pretty.
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What if a guy wears a flower on his right or left ear?

Magdalene Mwangi

Worth noting, thanks for sharing

Georgina Pimlatt

I'm a Lady in her 80's and going out for coffee on a blind date, I told the gentleman I would wear a flower behind my ear, and then I thought which ear, so I looked it up, and I thought How am I going to remember which ear. You gave me the answer to my quandary. But I'm going to be nerviest How will I remember, my memory is as long as my noise, and that's not that long. So when I gave it some thought when your married your rings, or ring goes on your left Hand in most cutlers, but there is no significance with the ring finger on the right hand, so if your single the flower goes behind right ear, but if your married the flower goes behind Left ear, your ring finger of your left hand. Sincerely GP.

Lucille Veincent-Salazar

This something that old Hawaii did because of white man coming here so they could tell which Hawaiian women were taken or single. I am a married Hawaiian woman who chooses to wear a flower in my right ear. The flower sits better behind my right ear than my left. I do not follow or believe in that tradition. It was created for white man not for our culture.


When I was in Hawaii two years ago I was told if a woman wears a flower behind her head she was looking for an upgrade

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This is a fun and interesting information. Thank you for sharing the source too.

Jamil Bauch

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Stephanie Martin

I honestly never knew that until I searched it up and now I know thanks to you.

Charles C. Reed

What meaning is there if any, for wearing your flower either on the top of back of the head. I understand the left and right ear flower.

Roses Honolulu

So sweet. Flowers is Love. That's why we give flowers to the person special to us and to the person we love most. That's why during weddings we can see flowers. During Valentines we give flower because it symbolize love. So let us give important to the flowers to. Lets love them like the way we love the the person we give flowers

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