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August 06, 2007


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I love macadamia nuts. That portion is just the right size! I remember when we used to come to Hawaii on United, back in the day, they used to give you a packet of macadamia nuts just like that one with your meal, along with an orchid. And this was in coach, not first class. And all the flight attendants wore Hawaiian style clothing. I don't think they do that anymore, which is sad.

Sheila @ GoVIsitHawaii

Thanks for the great excuse to eat mac nuts. Last time I checked, I need to work on lowering my LDL.


You are absolutely right Mauigirl! I remember those days too. And in the 60's when I was a little girl, the inter-island airlines would pass out little chicklet size gum for passengers to chew, so their ears wouldn't get stopped up with the air pressure changes!

Sheila, I know you have macadamia nuts in the house for your prize give away right now, what a temptation!


Woo Hoo! More reasons to eat them!

BTW, love the new design!


Hi Kailani,
Lucky us, we can find mac nuts sold everywhere in Hawaii! I am glad you like our new blog design, I wanted to get away from it looking too "templatety."


Very cool tip... yum! I love macadamia nuts.


Thanks for visiting our blog, glad you liked the tip.

Hopeful Spirit

I never knew this! And I love macadamia nuts so thanks for this tip!


I am so glad you liked this tip. I had been avoiding nuts for years because I thought they were too fattening!

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