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September 10, 2007


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hawaii bed and breakfasts are still in big demand on the islands, since they allow 1 or 2 night stays plus come with breakfast for hitting the road immediately afterwards.

for longer stays, vacation rentals are a great alternative option. rental rates for fall can be get at great discounts! enjoy empty beaches in hawaii with accommodation, air fare and car rental specials. aloha, pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide


Believe it or not, I've never stayed at a B&B before. Maybe that should be our next vacation plan.


Pua, mahalo for the additional information.

I have never stayed at a B&B also, although I had girlfriends on this island who owned B&B's!

Norfolk Island holidays

I also enjoyed several days in Hawaii a few years ago i stayed at a bed and breakfast it was an incredible experience.

Weekend Getaways Kennebunkport

Recently i stayed in a good hotel in Hawaii,the staff were very attentive and we felt as if we were being waited on hand and foot.But problem with this hotel was that the airport transfer I had pre-booked and reconfirmed did not arrive.


Bed and Breakfasts are generally owner-occupied, They have renovated many, many historical buildings, and help preserve the history, traditions, and cultures of their locations. Many B&Bs host weddings and cultural events. Each bed and breakfast is a treasure, with different decorations, food, and personalities. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast and experience something totally unique! If you have not been to a B&B lately, I challenge you to give one a shot. http://www.bnbstar.com, http://www.BnBStar.co.uk; and http://www.BnBStar.ca are the ultimate site for finding great bed and breakfasts worldwide.

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