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September 15, 2007


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Opal Tribble

Oh my that sounds heavenly. How long does it last? What meanings do other lei's have. Would it be not appropriate to give a certain type of lei?


Very nice lei! I think my husband was given one once that had those leaves, orange flower, and nuts on it. Does it take a long time to make one of those?


The lei will last about 5 days from when it is shipped (shipping is 2 days). I will have to get back to you on the other questions--those are very good questions.

It sounds like your husband was given a very nice lei with maybe orange ilima lei entwined with the maile. It takes longer to make a maile lei than stringing up a regular flower lei.

Best HawaiiVacations

The Maile lei is the king (or the queen?) of leis to me. We have so many beautiful leis in Hawaii for all occasions but none compares to the Maile lei. The scent is hard to describe but it is so pleasant and is loved by everybody. The sweet smells of orchids, gardenias or tuberose leis are not enticing to everybody but the Maile lei's smell is fresh, refreshing and everlasting. It's the scent of Hawaii!

I kept our wedding Maile leis for about 6 months. The leaves will wilt but the scent stays. When mailing leis to the Mailand or giving visitors a Hawaiian gift to take home, it's the Maile lei we decide for. Try the Maile lei next time. Aloha, Pua & Keoki


I can only begin to tell you the impact that maile has on me personally. It brings back memories in some cases and ignites a sense of passion in others. I remember when it was all the rage to have one maile leaf dipped in 14k gold. I'm dating myself a little, but such is the love of the locals for this vine! As far as the leis from the other islands, they brought them in because we had some messed up weather and the vines were, although still healthy, a bit leaf deficient and the desire was for the leafy look. That was the last information that was given to me by one of our florists. I'm not sure what the status is on that now. I'll try to remember to ask them this evening.


I agree the scent is hard to describe but it is nice and I don't know of anyone who does not like Maile.

I will date myself also. My aunt used to own a wholesale costume jewelry store in the early 80's and would bring in huge boxes of gold electroplated real maile leaves. One of my jobs was to match up similar sized leaves in pairs to sell as earring sets.

We used to also make a full gold maile leaf lei where 200 leaves would be attached to long gold chains. I remember seeing the singer Loyal Garner wearing one when she performed.


The smell of Maile brings back memories of prom and graduation. I sure miss it!


Hi Kailani,
You can get your husband a maile lei for your next wedding anniversary;)


Nothing is more elegant than a maile lei. As Kailani said, the scent brings back memories of so many special events. For me, the maile scent makes me think of weddings and graduations.


I neva know some Maile Leis neba have scent. Now I know.


Auntie Pupule


I gave my son a maile lei on one of his recent visits. The fragrance is so intoxicating, so uniquely Hawaiian.

Visiting from the Waianae Coasst for the Carnival of Aloha!


Bobbie, Aunty Pupule, Skeet,
Mahalo for visiting and leaving a comment. The carnival of Aloha has been a great place to meet other people blogging about Hawaii:)


I had to come back to look at the lei post one more time. :) It's such a great topic! Did I tell you, Cheryl, that I did ask the florist about the status of the leaves? They said that it hasn't gotten better because it was over harvested. Hopefully that won't drive the price up too high! It's already pretty substantial over here.


If you ever need a maile lei just email me. We can get good ones here from the Big Island.


Could anyone help me please? My daughter is getting married in Australia in October. She has spent a long time in Hawaii and would like the wedding party to wearlei.Has anyone sent lei here? Who did they use? What lei last longest? I am thinking of maile for the men and orchads for the women. I would love to hear from any one who could help.


We can ship leis to Australia and other countries via Federal Express but there is no guarantee on arrival condition, although we take the utmost care to insure that it does arrive perfectly.


nice post! very interesting,honestly i never know what is that! but thanks to your post! i get some ideas and information about Maile lei. thanks for sharing!



My finance's family is from Kauai and I was really hoping to get his grandmother a mokihana lei for the wedding. I know she really misses the island and I think it would mean a lot to her. However, I am having trouble finding real ones. Are they protected under Hawaii's agricultural code?


Aloha, just wanted to correct that maile is not pronounced (my-lee), it is instead pronounced (my-lay), this is a common misconception that some generations have with the hawaiian "e", which has an "-eh" sound not an "ee" sound.

Mahalo for the article


HELP i need ot order one and have it shipped to CA, I cant fins any one who ships to CA!!

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