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April 30, 2008


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Great post! In fact, I think I'll link to you in my next post if you don't mind - I was thinking about this issue just this morning as I heard something about the same issue on the news this morning!

Very interesting information and it is amazing how Bush just keeps pushing the wrong things.


Hi Cheryl:
I knew that biofuel from corn was driving up food prices. I had no idea it would affect candles. And, some people are pushing biofuels in Hawaii. Do the math--at $100 per barrel for oil; this would mean that each gallon of oil is worth $2.38. If there were 6 pounds to each gallon--each pound of oil is worth 40 cents. Let's say it took 3 pounds of mac nuts or palm nuts or jatropha to produce one pound of oil; that would mean the farmer would get 13.2 cents per pound for growing these crops. Farmers won't quit what they are doing to grow those oil crops. And, even if they did, it would mean they would grow less food. What if the geothermal plant made hydrogen from water? We have lots of water and lots of energy!! Maybe that would make us sustainable? Just thinking out loud.


This is just another example of the problem this country is having with crude oil, etc. You've got thick skin, Cheryl and I admire your strength of character. That's the aloha spirit in business! :)


Mauigirl, linking to my post would be great. I look forward to what you have to say on the subject.

Richard, thank you for mana'o (thoughts). As a farmer who is actually practicing eco farming techniques and ways to create energy (from your stream), I knew you would be able to add something important to this conversation.

Thank you for the unexpected compliment!

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