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April 16, 2008


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It sounds like you couldn't possibly get tropical flowers from Hawaii any fresher than what you offer. I think I read somewhere (possibly here) that tropical flowers have a long life on display. Is that right? (Maybe worthy of a separate blog post??)


Hi Sheila,
Tropical flowers do have a long shelf life that could be weeks, depending on the type of flower. Anthuriums and orchids can last 3-4 weeks and foliage even longer! Besides being beautiful, the long lasting visual pleasure makes tropical flowers a good value for your money. And yes, I will be blogging more about tropical flowers!


Your tropical flowers are the best. Always well-packed for the long trip from Hawaii to my mother's home in Maine. They arrive fresh and the blooms last so long. Many thanks for the great service.


There was a typo in my url (butterfingers here), now it's all better.


Mahalo Ken! It makes me feel good knowing how much your mom enjoyed her Hawaiian bouquet.
P.S. I wasn't able to change your url so I'm leaving both comments:)

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I've never seen tropical Hawaiian flowers before... Seem so interesting! Thanks for this post. I've learned a lot about it. Hope I can see in person what tropical Hawaiian flowers are.


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I like that you provided a link to florist detective. I will let my brother know to visit this site. He likes to get flowers for his wife.

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