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April 21, 2008


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It pains me to no end to see clear cutting. Kudos to you for saving as many trees as possible!


Thanks! The photo shows Ohia trees (one with lots of red Lehua flower blossoms) in our front yard and lining our driveway.

Auntie Pupule

Great Story!

Love and ALOHA!!

Auntie Pupule :)


We liked what you had to say about your efforts keeping the Hawaii flora and fauna alive. If only everybody would be doing that in Hawaii and around the world! Unfortunately, for developers only the money counts...Pua and Keoki


Great article about a very important topic. I feel the same way you do. We have planted many trees at our place over here in Kohala, and we chose as many different native plants as we could find for our landscaping. It's the right thing to do, but it also looks (and smells) wonderful.


Great post! We are looking to do the same thing when we build on our land. Why buy rainforest land only to take away the rainforest?? Good for you! Aloha aina!


Mahalo! I am glad that everyone feels the same way about the beautiful forests of Hawaii.


HOWEVER, sometimes the acreage bought here in Puna is almost exclusively covered in invasive guava trees. I have cut one (1) ohia on my property, but have cut many guavas, which propagate through seeds and the roots which will send up a another tree nearby. I have seen many of these hopelessly overrun properties "clear cut" (we call it ripping, as it is done with a bulldozer). The unique lava formations beneath the trees are destroyed as well. The solution is to NOT plant invasive non-native plants, and to eliminate invasives as they are discovered.

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