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April 18, 2008


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That's awesome that you were mentioned in a magazine like that! Woohoo!

As far as your poll goes, I paint my toes, but not my fingernails. I paint them myself. I use a Loreal product that doesn't have some of the bad chemicals in it that other polishes do.


I used to go to a salon on a regular basis to get my nails done. That is, until I had kids. Now I can't even find the time to cut my hair! LOL!


Sheila, thanks for the tip!
Kailani, you always take a great picture and look beautiful, so do your girls.

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Lyla Burns

I'm very interested in smelling this perfume! That's awesome that you guys got featured. I shop at multiple discount fragrances online so obviously I love perfume. http://fragrance-and-beyond.com PS I paint my toes and fingernails. :)

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