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May 24, 2008


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I have 5 lauhala baskets and a lauhala hat in the house. I LOVE the look of them! I'd love to learn how to weave them, it seems like it would be a good stress reliever!


I have several beautiful lauhala baskets that were given to me as gifts. I'm familiar with the Hala tree, but have never thought about the preparation that is needed to plait the leaves, so mahalo for the lesson. Pineapple trees, hmmmm? I'll have to remember that one the next time I have guest from away, lol!

Visiting for the Carnival of Aloha!


Trust me, the next time I see someone giving a demonstration on making the baskets I will pay closer attention. Thank you for the great information, my friend!

I must confess, I never put two and two together -- I see those trees all the time but never pay attention to what purpose they might serve. You see how much we take for granted?!?

Those trees now have my full respect! I do love those baskets and they do make the best "wrapping paper!" :)


Anele, Skeet, and Evelyn,
Thanks for sharing your lauhala stories! Lauhala baskets are fairly inexpensive but have you seen those finely woven lauhala handbags? Those cost big bucks! The lauhala wallets or coin purses are more affordable though.

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Lauhala basket looks firm,i want to try this.Some basket is easy to broken especially when the contain of such basket are heavy.


Gift Delivery Philippines

Thanks for sharing about the information regarding lauhala basket.Now i know how it started.


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This is cool! I wonder how they made it. I think lauahala basket is also the same as our native basket in our country. Wish I can have at least one of it.


Extreme NO

Oh, thanks for clarifying the definition of lauhala. I now understand better what a Hawaiian Lauhala Baskets are made of. I am so thankful to read the info above so informative. Thanks!

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