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September 29, 2008


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How interesting and beautiful!


I am glad you thought so Sheila. Mahalo for stopping by:)

flower Philippine

Yah agree that it is so interesting and looks so lovely,i wish i would also have this on my garden.


silk wedding bouquets

Yeah, nothing really beats having an orchids garden, 'though it takes patience and constant monitoring,but very rewarding once it blooms. Great garden you got there by the way.

Florist Sydney

I love to have orchids in my garden but it's very challenging for me, not easy as I thought. I'm glad to have found this post and learn something. Thanks for sharing this.


so lovely.....

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I would love to see more pics of your work with orchids and trees. I will go to Hawaii next month for business and could be interesting to see this is person. there is a park where I can go see it?

Magdalene Mwangi


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