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February 03, 2009


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Keahi Pelayo

Thanks for the ideas.


If youre looking for some beautiful valentine flower arrangements I found a website called http://silkflowersplants.com. They have some lovely roses. The perfect gift that lasts forever.

philippine valentine gift

Thanks for the tips,this coming valentines i thinking whats the best gift i had to give to my girlfriend and i liked its some kind special so i got an idea on your blog,flowers,chocolate and candies it a good idea.


send gifts philippines

Nice I like those tips. I'll try to do it. Whenever I was looking for a gift, it takes a lot of time that's why I really looking for this kind of post. Thanks.


Gift flower delivery

I received bouquets of flowers and stuff toys last valentines.That is perfect gift for me.


Gift Delivery Philippines

Oh! i love those gift ideas but most i like is the candy bouquet Made with Mauna Loa chocolates and vintage silk flower parts and assemble in to unique chocolate Hawaiian candy bouquets. how i wish there's someone who will give that to me. how romantic and sweet is that. keep posting!


Gifts Philippines

Sending flowers on Valentines Day was really romantic but for me,the most romantic is when you send flowers in some ordinary day.Anyway,thanks for the gift ideas.


send flowers to Philippines

Love this idea.Excellent!


sohbet odaları

New Valentine's Day arrived. happiness to all lovers .. As soon as possible the non-lover, you find one I think .. If you do not like water is inside your heart to love Dries

Amie@ artificial silk flowers

Valentine's day is just around the corner and these are great gift ideas to share with someone you love. :)

גני אירועים בשרון

These would make an awesome gift for every gardens events, if the flowers can survive in other environments, that is. I like the Lion Coffee, the #1 gourmet coffee of Hawaii!

Sven@ florist Sydney

I prefer the gift basket full of handmade soy candles and other stuff, it's a unique way of gift giving.

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