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July 11, 2011


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Hi Cheryl,

I remember this taking place in my hometown of Kaneohe...just never knew until the news cast the other night that it was called Lahaina Noon...always thought it was a Kaneohe thing...LOL! XOXO Connie


great aticle and that photo is mezmerizing, did I spell that right. Hope so. Thank you for sharing you website.

Susie Van

This was quite a phenomenon, do you have any pictures of it, I am sure they are stunning, please share if you do!

ayala land premier

the news cast the other night that it was called Lahaina Noon...always thought it was a Kaneohe thing...LOL!

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I wish I could enjoy that noon in Lahaina and I am really inspired to that place.

Angie Homes

I am curious to see that phenomenon, surely it is quite impressive. May be I will have the chance some day, who knows!

Restaurants in Honolulu

I experienced this in Honolulu. I would not have been aware of it until it was in the media. Thanks so much for sharing the dates and times.
I can't wait until next year to check it out again.

Del Frio

I really wish to visit Hawaii one day. Thanks for the great article anyways.

Cakes In Karachi

Thanks for the great article. I would like to add one thing; As much as the crazy hot weather of Hawaii is great, the winters are worth enjoying too.

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