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July 16, 2011


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Pk Mercado

Aw, Cheryl, that was such a sweet visit, blessings I suppose. Animals always know where they'll be loved. Loved you post. And mahalo for sharing your little adventure.

Happy Monday Lady,



She is adorable and I agree with PK, she instinctively knew that she was in a safe place...betcha she'll be back!



Becky K.

That is sweet. I'm glad she was friendly. Secretly hope she comes back for another visit...


Well, that's very different than the pigs we see around here... I bet it's tough being a pot belly pig in Hawai'i!

Miriam Schulman

hilarious story


I love it when she responds to our calls and human pig grunts, and really wags her tail happily like a dog while making the cutest grunting sounds. That's really funny.


looks so cute and fluffy. This pig would make the sweetest pet for our backyard :).

Mandy Vacation

This piggy is so sweet! I love it, they are so cute when little!


Great picture!


Very entertaining tale. And the pig is a real charmer!

Ken Van

I think that this is not the neighbour I have been dreaming of, but it seems quite friendly indeed!

Cedric Homes

Cute little thing. At one of the photos she looks really purple. Very pretty!

thailand holidays

It is very cute indeed. I hope that it won't grow tusks and become dangerous. I also hope they leave it alone.


Great site nice introduction to Hawaii
Many Thanks

Oshawa Gift Baskets

Lol...She is cute. That must have been entertaining. That is not something that happens very often here in Canada.

Restaurants in Honolulu

This is one of the more delightful pig stories I have ever read.
I hope there is a happy ending to the story and the pot belly pig makes it safely home.
Please update! Thanks.
Albert Grande

chemise lacoste

are they pigs? sorry,just thought they are lovely


She looks so cute. I wish this can happen here in London. We have only a very cheeky fox coming near our house.


Pigs are clever animals, I admit. But i really do not have interest on pigs. I only appreciate their cute.


The Big Island -- & all its yummy people and things . I envy you all. Having spent many weeks each year, over time, I remember the soothing beauty and wonderous laid-backedness. Please enjoy forever. Accept no substitutes. That'll be easy b'cause there ARE none.

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